Poetry Day #21


A mask is a different character,

but whose to say it doesn’t reflect on us?

Am I really a different person,

or am I just tapping into myself?

The stage is a different world,

and my costume is my character,

but my character is me.

So what does that say about masks?


Poetry Day #20

The Snowman

The air is cold and bitter,

the windows shake and shiver.

The kids have rosy cheeks,

snow angels left in the ground.


…avoid the yellow,

she wants to call.

The dog grins guiltily at her feet.

In a few moments, she’ll call them inside.

For now, let them enjoy their time.


AN: I do know it’s no longer April. I forgot to post the rest of my backlog yesterday. So, pretend like it’s still April 30th, and enjoy the eleven poems you’re about to get. Oops?

Poetry Day #19

Will I Lose My Dignity?

When my hair is gone,

and my rib cage shows,

will I still be human?


When my schedule is full,

with doctors and hospitals,

will you still bother?


When I can’t move,

because everything hurts,

will you still be here?


When I can’t control my body,

and tears roll down my face,

will you look away?


When the treatments stop working,

and I say okay,

will you respect that?


When an illness makes my body

reject who I am,

will I lose my dignity?


AN: This is a tribute, and a memorial, to all those who have suffered with and survived Cancer, and to those who could not. You will not lose your dignity. You are human. Nothing can take that away.

Poetry Day #18

The World Was Wide Enough

The world was wide enough,

for her and for me,

but I didn’t know that,

I couldn’t tell.

He looked at her like He looked at me,

before I fell.


A shroud of white doesn’t

always mean good.

A bright, old soul and a

gracious smile can be the

world’s most opaque mask.


A tool from the cupboard

can still work covered in rust.

I’m rusty, dusty, dirty, but

I still work, I still breathe, I’m still me.


I fell because I trusted Him,

because I believed Him,

because I loved Him.


She’s not worthy of Him,

but neither am I.


I didn’t know the world was wide enough.

Poetry Day #17

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

A truck stops, its lights glare in the darkness.

The driver is young,

a little naive, a little unsure.

He prays he won’t regret this.


A hitchhiker picked up in winter,

twelve years old,

her lips are blue.

She’s weak, shivering,

got kicked out for protecting her brother.


She dies the next morning,

in a hospital called Mercy.

Who showed her Mercy?

An angel in white?

Or a truck driver at night?


The driver doesn’t regret it,

he just has to live with the pain,

the guilt of not doing more,

of not being stronger,

of not being kinder,

but how could he have done any more?

Poetry Day #16

Sound of Music

The board is made of ebony,

smoothed to a perfect finish.

The note slides into place,

the pitch settles.


Three scales,

fingers less unsure.

Faster notes- Faster, Faster!

Triplets on a straight eighth rhythm.


Rosin going everywhere,

fingers now confident.

The accompaniment starts:

Music, Perfection.

Poetry Day #15

Part of Your World

Looking in through the window

Is more cruel than anything else.

In five minutes, the ball will drop.

In six, you’ll propose.


New Year’s Eve means New Love,

new opportunities.

For you, a wedding and a promotion.

For me, a new dealer, a new drug.


I look through a lot of windows:

Nurseries, Daycares,

Churches, and Rehabs.

Would I be like this if you still loved me?


Don’t listen to that.

I’m glad you found love, found her.

Think of me, though, and our little angel,

even though she no longer walks this earth.


I won’t be here much longer.

If needles don’t take me, the alleys will.

Think of me fondly, would you?

I was a part of your world once.


But you were the one who got away.


Poetry Day #14

Hakuna Matata

We grew up together,

Him and I,

Climbing trees and

examining the night sky.

Everyone thought we would marry,

Including me, and we tried. We tried.


Some people just don’t fit together.

Like Him and I.

He has a wonderful wife,

oddly enough,

so do I.

We love each other, just not enough.


He’ll be by my side for life.

There’s no worries there.

My kids will call him Uncle.

Maybe one day,

We’ll climb trees together,

and continue looking at the night sky.


AN: These next few poems are inspired by lyrics from specific songs, mostly Disney or Musicals. The title is the lyric that inspired the poem.

Poetry Month Day #13


Listen my child,

to a story,

written in time,

and crafted in blood…


She did nothing wrong,

except desire freedom.


He did nothing wrong,

except fight slavery.


She did nothing wrong,

except refuse to stand.


He did nothing wrong,

except advocate for equality.


They did nothing wrong,

except fight, and bleed, and

cry for



All were persecuted,

now hailed as heroes.

For their efforts?


A boy dies because he wanted skittles.

A boy dies because he had a toy gun.

A girl loses her father because of his skin color.


They fought,

they started it.

Now we have to finish it.


They are crimeless,

do you understand now?

Poetry Month Day #12


Branches covered in a sea of yellow, orange, and red.

Porches boasting carved pumpkins: jack-o-lanterns.

Scarecrows in yards,

and webbing on windows.


Children laughing with delight,

their bags full of sugary sweets.

Halloween is a delightful night.


“Don’t go to houses you don’t know!”

She didn’t listen.


“Leave if the light isn’t on.”

She didn’t pay attention.


“Run and scream if needed.”

But she couldn’t make any noise.


A little girl dressed in a fairy’s gown,

a sparkly tiara on her head,

who would never get her fairy tale.

Halloween isn’t such a happy night.