Go ahead,

take a bow.

Should we be proud of your insolence?

Your ignorance, and indifference?

We are female.

We are proud.

We will not kneel at your feet.

We will not bend nor break even if we feel weak.

We are women.

We are strong.

We will carry on and be learned.

We will care and tend the weak, for we are steadfast.

Go ahead.

Wear your tie, your cuff links, your pride.

Appreciate how much you make,

if you were us,

you’d understand.

Being one of us is hard,

but, we are strong.




We are women,

and you are wrong.



AN: And that was it folks! Thirty poems in, well, technically less than thirty days because I started late, but I only ended a day late! I have no idea what I’m doing with this now that National Poetry Month is over, but I knew from Day One that I wanted this to be my last poem. It’s probably my favorite one I’ve ever written, and I’m incredibly proud of it.


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