To the Best Friend I’m Leaving,

We both know we’re going.

Logically, we have to,

but it’s going to be hard,

and we know that too.


Our colleges are three hours apart,

close enough to see each other,

but far enough, we have to wonder:

will we make the effort?


I’m going to miss you.

I know you’ll miss me.

No one knows me as well as you,

and I don’t really want anyone to.


I’ll call you as much as I possibly can,

but we both worry it’ll devolve

into half-hearted texts

and two-second phone calls.


I’ll make new friends,

and so will you, but

part of my heart is permanently

labelled with your face and your smile.


I’m leaving you.

Let’s face it, and you’re leaving me,

but not behind, never behind,

because we’ll always be in each other’s minds.


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