Part of Your World

Looking in through the window

Is more cruel than anything else.

In five minutes, the ball will drop.

In six, you’ll propose.


New Year’s Eve means New Love,

new opportunities.

For you, a wedding and a promotion.

For me, a new dealer, a new drug.


I look through a lot of windows:

Nurseries, Daycares,

Churches, and Rehabs.

Would I be like this if you still loved me?


Don’t listen to that.

I’m glad you found love, found her.

Think of me, though, and our little angel,

even though she no longer walks this earth.


I won’t be here much longer.

If needles don’t take me, the alleys will.

Think of me fondly, would you?

I was a part of your world once.


But you were the one who got away.



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